Information Overload

Information overload

Why It Happens and How to Stop It In It’s Tracks According to the journal Science, we have to process five times more information today than in 1986… This means, to be successful in the information age, we have to give our attention on 5x more ‘stuff’ from day to day than just a few decades…

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Do habits need to be for life?

Habits are like a cable

Horace Mann, U.S. educator who was the first to advocate free, universal schooling, once said, “Habits are like a cable. We weave a strand of it everyday and soon it cannot be broken.” I like this quote because it tells of the universal truth that great accomplishments come from small, consistent actions. However, second part…

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Busily Unproductive

The Behinder I Get

Productive actions move things forward. You are being UNPRODUCTIVE if you are not performing activities that are DIRECTLY tied to achieving your goals. Imagine you are a real estate agent. You wake up early Monday morning, ready to take on the day. You’ve poured yourself a big cup of coffee and crack open your laptop. You…

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4 things to do the night before to start your day fresh

Best Day Ever

Start your day fresh by preparing the night before. 4 simple tips that allow you to a spectacularly productive day. 1. Pack Your Lunch Packing your lunch the night before will help you get a jump on your day by ensuring that you have a full, balanced meal to refuel you at midday. Having your…

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How To Have Your Best “Productivity” Week Ever

Best Week Ever

Do you want to accomplish more this week? Don’t think it’s possible because you’re already working in overdrive? …take these 3 productivity tips to feel better and get even MORE DONE. 1. Boost Your Energy In order to produce at your peak leaves you need to have excess energy to expend. You get this energy…

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Information Processing In a Nutshell

acorn nutshell

According to the journal Science, we process five times more information today than in 1986. Can you use these 3 behaviors to transform how you process information? 1. Universal Capture Why capture everything? Well… you are most productive when you are able to be lazer-focused on the task at hand. Your mind finds it difficult to maintain…

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Time Management Secrets of Billionaires

Time Management calendar

We all have 24 hours in a day… so how do some people manage to accomplish so much more with their time? Here are 5 simple strategies you can use to get more done in less time. 1. Touch it once. Touch it once holds true for email, memos, letters, questions that need to be…

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7 Tips To Double Your Productivity In A Week

Double oreo productivity

Start Your Day Strong 1. Get up and get moving with at least 30 minutes of exercise. How do you get more energy? Work out. How do you feel better? Work out. How do you prevent sickness? Work out. How do you stay focused? Work out How do you get more confidence? Work out. 2.…

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Find Your Values, Live Your Virtue

sign that says values

Do you know your highest held values? Not the knee jerk answers like family and friendship but digging deep and determining who you are at your best. Knowing your values and working every day to live in alignment with them can be a powerful motivator… especially when faced with setbacks. Unlike goals, values can never be…

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5 Limiting Beliefs That Sap Your Productivity

Belief neon light

People who get things done create systems to organize and execute around their priorities. Below are 5 limiting beliefs about getting organized AND the reality behind overcoming them. I Get Too Many Interruptions Belief: “I can’t get work done because I am always being interrupted.” Reality: You can block off times in your calendar to…

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